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Hello blog readers!

I'm Alex Conaway and I will be blogging this seasons ups, downs, ins and outs for the DSR Mopar Express Lane/Rocky Boots Funny Car driven by Matt Hagan.

It will be an insider’s look at things as a crew member on a nitro car. First and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and please bear with me as I'm new to the blogging world.

Let’s take a step back real quick and look at 2013. After the 2013 season came to an end in a positive note winning the NHRA Finals at Pomona, our team regrouped after a much needed vacation and got back to work. We were all very happy to see our leader and crew chief Dickie Venables back in good spirits and in good health! We really missed him in Pomona and it felt great to bring that Wally back to Brownsburg and share it with him.

This off season was pretty standard. We spent it building new cars, developing parts and pieces to make these cars quicker, faster and safer. The off season is always a chance to get caught up and try to get ahead with parts inventory and new projects. As usual it comes down to the wire getting everything prepared. We were able to accomplish our goals of being ready to go testing at the Pro Winter Warm-up near West Palm Beach, Fla., in January.

We were all glad to get out of the artic that has been Brownsburg this offseason. As many of you have read online or maybe even saw on Bangshift.com, we had a decent test session as track conditions were tricky the first few days. It took many different ideas and approaches to navigate the track.

By the time Friday had rolled around we were ready to put on a show for all the fans that came out in Florida. The car ran well and responded to changes we made. As a crew guy it's always a relief when the car runs well. It's nerve-racking for everyone when performance isn't there. We made a total of 18 runs while we were there with our best being a 4.04 at 321 mph. The smiles were back on all of our faces after that.

The mindset has now switched to Pomona!  We left the shop in Brownsburg just in time to get ahead of the winter weather that is headed that way. Keep us all on your mind as we head to Pomona. The team has prepared everything to the best of our abilities. Fortunately our team has seasoned veterans in every position and we can handle almost any obstacle thrown our way and generally do it with a smile or cracking a joke.

We tend to try and keep the mood light and have fun. When it's time to race this team is all business. We have a few goals going into this season first and we want to improve from last season. It was a very good year, winning five races and finishing 2nd in the points but we want to move up to that number one spot at the end of the season.

Hopefully with a lot of hard work, smart decisions, and a little bit of Lady Luck we can achieve that. Stay tuned as the wheel turns and the nitro burns. It will be my pleasure giving the insiders scoop on our year!


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