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Career: 5 TF event titles

Leah Pritchett won her first Top Fuel title in last year’s second event, but her team closed a few races later and left her without a job.

The 28-year-old Southern California native who lives near Indianapolis in Avon found find ways to compete in the next few races before Don Schumacher Racing created a new team for her during the summer with help from Ron Thames and the FireAde 2000 Personal Fire Suppression System.

Papa John’s Pizza came on board later in the year to help her team led by crew chief Todd Okuhara and assistant Joe Barlam finish seventh in points despite missing one race before joining DSR.

With Papa John’s on board to start her first full year with DSR, she made history in Top Fuel by winning the first two events from the No. 1 qualifying position.

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5th Current

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Papa John's Top Fuel Dragster Crew

Todd Okuhara

Todd Okuhara Crew Chief

Joe Barlam

Joe Barlam Crew Chief

Scott Okuhara

Scott Okuhara Asst. Crew Chief

Cody Wilkinson

Cody Wilkinson Mechanic

Sterling VanDusen

Sterling VanDusen Mechanic

Blake Holding

Blake Holding Mechanic

Andrew Waits

Andrew Waits Mechanic

Ryan O'Dette

Ryan O'Dette Mechanic

Jimmy Newlin

Jimmy Newlin Mechanic

Jeffrey Hilliker

Jeffery Hilliker Mechanic

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