Hero Card Requests

For Hero Cards please send a self-addressed stamped envelope or $3.50 for postage in continental United States.

Don Schumacher Racing
Attn: Autographs
1681 E. Northfield Drive
Brownsburg, IN 46112

I would like to work for Don Schumacher Racing. Where do I send my resume?

Please send your resume to Human Resources via traditional mail or e-mail (antrimh@shoeracing.com):

Don Schumacher Racing
Attn: HR/Hali Antrim
1681 E. Northfield Drive
Brownsburg, IN 46112

Can I take a tour of the Don Schumacher Racing race shop?

The DSR race shop is closed to the public. Private tours must be arranged with a DSR employee. 

How can I book a Don Schumacher Racing show car for my event?

To get more information on booking a show car, please e-mail Kyle Cunningham (cunninghamk@shoeracing.com) with the date and time of your event along with the exact location and you will receive a follow-up call or e-mail with more information.

Where can I find Don Schumacher Racing merchandise besides on the website?

The exclusive line of Don Schumacher Racing officially licensed merchandise is available only through this website and our Trackside trailer.  

How do I become a Don Schumacher Racing licensee?

Contact Will Truitt via truittw@shoeracing.com and he will instruct you on the next steps to take in the licensing process.

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