26 wins in 2.5 minutes

DSR's 2017 season wrapped up in 2.5 minutes

Tour Don Schumacher Racing

A rare opportunity at a glimpse inside Don Schumacher Racing headquarters with team owner Don Schumacher guiding a tour through the 150,000-sq ft. facility in Brownsburg, Ind.

300 Wins - In Pictures

Check out every winner’s circle moment in Don Schumacher Racing history as Don Schumacher takes us down memory lane.

“There’s so many other moments than just the winner’s circle, moments on the starting line, moments in the pits, the thrashes, the challenges that everybody has worked their way through in accomplishing these wins. It’s only possible because of the people … it’s an amazing, amazing organization that has accomplished a great deal.” - Don Schumacher

Funny Car teardown timelapse

Time-lapse video of Matt Hagan's Mopar Express Lane/Sandvik Coromant team disassembling and reassembling the 11,000-horsepower engine!

Funny Car engine teardown

So you want to work on a Funny Car? Here's an inside look at the service after a run with Chris Stillwell, crew member on Matt Hagan's Mopar Funny Car.

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